Basic Information

For couples interested in marriage information, our office can help. In order to be married, couples must obtain a marriage license from the local Clerk of Court's office. The main office of the Clerk's office is located at 222 St. Louis Street, Baton Rouge, Louisiana. They also have a branch office located at 9050 Airline Hwy., Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The Clerk's office can provide great assistance by calling ahead of time to 225-389-3950.

Generally, couples must obtain a license no less than one day before the ceremony as there is a 24 hour waiting period. The waiting period can be waived, but it must be for good cause. The better practice is to obtain the license about 2 weeks before the ceremony. The license expires at the end of 30 days.

Once a license is obtained, you may schedule an appointment for a wedding ceremony. Ceremonies are by appointment and may be performed in the office, Monday through Friday, from 8:00 am to 2:00 pm. The office has seating for 12 plus a little more room for a few more participants. Ceremonies may occasionally be performed in the evenings and on Saturdays; however most of my Friday nights and Saturdays have gotten very busy. Sorry, no ceremonies are performed on Sundays. By way of reference, and if I'm not available at a time when you would like to have a ceremony, please call one of the other Justices of the Peace that serve in our parish, namely:

Brook Peay W2 D1 Zachary LA 658-9778

Virginia Forbes W2 D2 Zachary/Pride LA 654-2424

Moses Evans, Jr. W2 D3 South Baker/Scotlandville LA 921-5061

Mark Miley W3 D1 Central LA 926-9415

Larry Spencer W3 D3 South Baton Rouge LA 761-3000

Generally, the costs are as follows:

In the office:

Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM - 2:00 PM $100.00
After 2:00 pm and on Saturdays in office $150.00

Outside of office:

Friday evening through Saturday night $200.00
Beyond Southeast East Baton Rouge Parish TBD


I usually use what would be considered a traditional set of civil wedding vows. Couples are welcome to sit down, review the basic ceremony in advance, and make additions and changes as they like. Ceremonies are certainly occasions for solemnity and seriousness. However, it is also a joyous day that will be remembered for years to come. I will work with couples to ensure they are happy with what is said at the ceremony.